SLA signed with Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

The Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery in the Royal College of Surgeons is currently working to a five year strategic plan (2014-2019). Key to the implementation of this strategic plan is the development of key strategic relationships and alliances in terms of the main pillars and goals of this plan. This has resulted in the development of Service level agreements and other contracts with our National Health Service (the HSE), Healthcare product industry, individual health service providers, and professional associations in areas such as education and training provision, development of competence assessment, clinical research development and implementation and project management.

Today we are delighted on this occasion for the Faculty to have the opportunity to collaborate with a long established healthcare provider. This Service Level Agreement is intended to support both Tara Winthrop and the Faculty in performing their own functions as they cooperate and collaborate in the education, training and professional development of Registered Nurses who are employed by Tara Winthrop. It provides the opportunity to formally collaborate and cooperate in relation to quality education, high quality, competent professional practice and quality safe patient care. It is intended to support the continued development of competent professional nurses working in Tara Winthrop to provide evidence based, ethical, high quality, safe, person-centred care within constantly evolving care environments.

The purpose of this Service Level Agreement is to the develop an educational relationship whereby the Faculty in collaboration and partnership would meet some of the education, training, continuing professional development and maintaining professional competence needs of the Registered Nurses who are employees of the Tara Winthrop.

The Service Level Agreement provides a basis and framework for the delivery of high quality education training and CPD by the Faculty to the employees of Tara Winthrop based on their requirements and needs. The agreement could provide the service with some of its outsourced Continuous Professional Development and continuing education provision without having to invest in significant infrastructure and resources including human resources.

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